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Hey everybody ,,

July 4, 2012

Hye everybo-dy,  remember me,, I’m Fritz evrybod-dy,, the one outta that western with John Wayne everybo-dy,, yea yea ,that’s the one,, everybo-dy ,, anyways wanna hear agreat Irish story,, true story too, mind,  You see back in Belfast during the 1970’s Ulster conflict there is this fella everybo-dy, called Glasgo,, anyways he gets himself caught up in a bad riot agin the BRITS everybo-dy,  that’s right everybo-dy, BRITS,, ‘them’s british soldiers,’ anyways ,, he meets up with Angel and Georgy his mates,, yes they call them MATEs or’e there for some reason,, So the local constabulary [ thats the police . you see]  in a full on PETROL BOMB riot with these fellas called the Tartan men,, like real bad everybo-dy,, worse than them thar skinheads in the APPALECHIANS,, anyways if you wanne me to go on , then let me no everybo-dy,, BUT THIS IS SO LIKE THAT OTHER UK NOVEL,, ONLY BETTER EVERYBO-DY,, oh yes ‘ wots that name agin.. Oh I remember now evrybo-dy,, TRAINSPOTTY NO trainspotting, evrybo-dy. see ya ,, ya


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